All CSS Dropdown Menu – WordPress Friendly

There are a ton of dropdown menu plugins, examples, downloads, and places to find them. Still, many of them are tricky to implement and often require a lot of customization to get them to work with WordPress. I’ve found that gives great samples accompanied by video, and even offer 7 days of free tutorials. […]

Formatting Dates in PHP is Annoying

Until now…. You may have a DATETIME data point that you are trying to format correctly. It may be driving you crazy. Military time is kind of annoying to deal with, and you are stuck with something like this 2014-05-24 19:30:00 … What you really want is to format it something like this May 24: […]

Make A Custom Google Map Marker Shortcode In WordPress

Google maps API, gotta love it. Developers build custom maps in all shapes and sizes. They have a geocoding service that can easily be included in any application, while serving many different purposes. One of the most common maps I make involves a simple marker, showing a certain location. This is especially true when I […]

All I Need Is One Nav

The SEO in me tells me I should name this article “Bootstrap Navigation For WordPress“, or “SEO friendly Mobile Nav For WordPress” – but nah that, I’m a thug. The purpose of this, is to show you noobs how to make a navigation, that works on all devices, without compromising SEO. All you really need, […]

I Caught Some Fish! Pointe Mouillee

Pointe Mouillee offers a place to hunt, fish, adventure, etc and is relatively close for Metro Detroit-ers. It’s located here-ish… The ongoing efforts to turn this state area into a waterfowl refuge has provided for some great fishing, if you know where to look. In my first 8 to 10 casts, I was able to […]

The CSS Clearfix Hack Explained

When just starting out and building web pages, figuring out how CSS and HTML work together can be frustrating. Using floats, alignments, and positioning your elements can be tricky. The clearfix hack can solve a lot of those problems. I use the clearfix hack on just about every website I work with. It provides a […]

“Hello World” – Web Based Languages

One of the most common tutorials you will see when you are learning a new web based or computer programming language is how to display the text “Hello World.” After making my site’s theme and putting it into WordPress the default sample blog post, titled “Hello World” reminded me of how far I’ve come since […]